“I am thinking of starting a blog but I am not good at writing.”

There seems to be a general consensus and misconception about blogging. Many believe – the beginners, in particular – that to be a successful blogger one needs to have an exceptional writing skill.

Perhaps, many would agree to this. Even the top names in this industry as well. However, I have a slight contrarian view.


Blogging Is Not About Writing

Blogging is about communicating and connecting. It’s a one-on-one conversation between you and a reader.

How you to talk to them, how you engage them in a discussion, how you hype them through your story and how you resolve their pain point through the right solutions – these are what contained in effective blogging.

It’s a much more personalized form of communication.

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Writing, on the other hand, is about passing on a message to anyone and everyone who’s reading. The focus, here, is more on the writers – how much they know and how beautifully they can communicate.

When blogging, your reader is the focal point of the conversation. You need to address their ideas, their problems, and their preferences.


Does It Matter How Strong Your Writing Skills Are?


Answer this…

Will your readers care if you have used the wrong preposition as long as you’re understanding their problems and offering a solution?

Absolutely NOT.

If they don’t care, why should you?

You don’t need to place all the words in perfect places and achieve unmatched grammatical proficiency.

Even your broken sentences can do the trick if you’re providing the readers exactly what they want and why they have entered your blog to read the post. (Meaning, no clickbaits!)

All it matters is how you connect to them.

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Befriend Your Readers

Don’t see your readers as customers. Treat them as friends who need your help.

Also, stop treating your article/blog post as a “perfect piece”. It won’t be, it can’t be. Consider what you have to say as a story that can miss grammar and words but must have that emotion of empathy, concern, excitement, and relief.

In the blogging sphere, it matters not how the article is written. It matters what is written in it.

Don’t Let Your 'Non-Strong Writing Skill' Stop You


Stop fostering this misconception. You’re not a perfect writer. No one is. And that shouldn’t stop you from being a (successful) blogger.

If you’re an expert in a niche and if you know how to solve your target audience’s problems, screw the “strong writing skills”. Start blogging.

Besides, there are now a handful of tools out there that can fix basic errors in your write-ups. Grammarly is an obvious tool for bloggers. Hemingway App is a great platform too.

Here is a list of 43+ blogging tools for beginners.

Plus, even if your blog posts aren’t coming together properly, you will improve. With feedbacks and a better understanding of your audience, your blogging skills will be nourished in the meantime.

Don’t let the imperfection make you doubt yourself and your goals. Perfection is an illusion.

You don’t need to have strong writing skills to be a blogger. You just need to have decent communication skill.

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