The real challenge of running a blog starts when you aren’t getting good traffic—even when you think your posts are an absolute killer.

There could be plenty reasons behind that!!

Here are 11 most common reasons why no one is reading your blog posts:

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1. Unattractive Headlines

Title is the cover that helps people judge the book, i.e. your blog post. Make this cover very interesting.

Tip: Keep the characters count within 50-65. Use ODD numbers. Add keywords.

To create magnetic headlines, read: 9 Blog Headline Best Practices

2. Not optimized for search engines

Follow basic SEO tips and guidelines. Use long-tail keywords in the post, write right Meta descriptions that are within 156 characters, and keep the permalink keywords-rich.

3. Not posting consistently

Blogging is a habit that must be consistent. Pick any blogger, for instance, and you will find that they post worthy contents regularly.

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4. Posting too much of contents in quick span

Posting consistently doesn’t mean developing contents every day. Take time to write high-quality content.

Spend 20% percent time creating contents and 80% marketing it.

Tip: Repurpose the old contents.

5. Not targeted to anyone

Your post must target a specific group of audience. At a time when competition is high, being ‘everything for everyone’ doesn’t help.

6. Not promoting on social media channels

Solely relying on SEO for website traffic is never a good idea. Promote your content on social media platforms regularly.

7. Offering no real value to readers

If your posts are of bad quality, offering no real value to the readers, why would they ever return back to your blog?

Solve readers/customers’ pain point.

8. No repetitive readers

Reader retention is much easier than acquisition. So create a following that’s always ready to read your posts.

Tip: Create an email list.

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9. No link building strategy

Your posts won’t rank higher on search engines if you aren’t getting backlinks from an external source.

Backlinks are must for organic search traffic.

10. Slow website with poor UX

Nobody visits a poorly designed and developed blog—not the readers, not the search engine bots.

11. You’re being unrealistic

If it’s a new blog with fewer contents, it would take time to build a decent following and get good traffic. Don’t be unrealistic—have patience.

These are 11 most common reasons why the majority of blogs don’t get desired and deserving traffic.

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Asif Ali

Asif is a certified content marketer and professional full-stack writer with 3 years experience in his pockets. Stratightedge, blogger and a full-time cloud-lover, find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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