It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Every time you Google something about a particular niche, you see the same face and brands showing up.

For instance, search anything about 'content marketing' and there’s Neil Patel everywhere with his gazillion (amazing) blogs and guest posts.

This eventually makes one wonder— what is that they are doing to rank higher on SERP that I am not?

To everyone's surprise, the answer is rather simple. The experts are likely doing what that you aren’t, going beyond the clichéd steps and focusing on the details.

In this 9-part series, I will discuss the on-page SEO techniques bloggers usually ignore—but pros don’t.

Let’s jump right into it…

Fixing The Messed Up Fonts

It isn’t a secret anymore. The font size and style directly correlates bounce rate, time spent on site / Session duration and conversion, which then affects the ranking on the result page.

In fact, an extensive study done by Google and IBM found that people read 12-point font faster than the font of 12-14 points.

It also claimed that the readers comprehend more on the write-ups that have Georgia font than others.

No wonder conversion experts stress too much on web typography!
best blog size font that is good for on-page seo techniques

Sadly there isn’t any fit-all answer to what kind of font family and size should you use. A lot depends on UX—how users are engaging with your content on desktop, as well as on their handheld devices.

An indirect KPI of poor typography is high traffic but poor dwell time and higher bounce rate. Because nobody would stay on a website that has fonts too little, too big or too obnoxious to consume,

In this department, there are 5 things you need to take care of—
  • Font size
  • Font Family
  • Weight 
  • Spacing
  • Line height
Here, on Spell Out Marketing, the font is Roboto, which is 20px in size and 300 in weight; line height is 1.50.

Copy Your (Successful) Competitors

The easiest way to know what kind of typography and arrangement is ideal for you, just head to the website of your most successful competitors and see what they have done.

If it makes sense and if their strategy is paying them off well, don’t stop yourself—COPY THEM.

Fount is a nice Chrome add-on that helps you identify web fonts.

Have it on your browser’s bookmark bar, go to the others’ websites, click on Fount and the select a chunk of text on the webpage. This tool will spill all about the font family, size, weight, and style.

Fix your font, fix your conversion.

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