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My name is Asif. I am the brain behind Spell Out Marketing.

I don’t teach people about digital marketing or blogging. I am a practitioner.

I am a firm believer that examples deliver a message with a much higher impact than vanilla-like advice.

So, almost everything I say here (or anywhere for that matter) comes from my own experience and examples of execution and active learning.

About me... 

★ Forbes 30 Under 30

★ Commonwealth Youth Award

★ MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Award

I got none of these.

I am a 20-something college dropout from India, deep into content marketing and SEO. I work in a digital marketing firm.

Four years back I was miserable in a dead-end 10-7 job with zero direction. And then I started Spell Out Marketing.

Four years forward, well, nothing much has changed. I am still in the same job – but less miserable and with a better sense of direction.

Unlike others in the game, I haven’t yet heroically quit my job. I also do consulting and freelancing. And I don’t really intend to stop anytime soon. I love being in the dirt with hands on real projects. I am less of a 4-hour workweek person and more of a 16-hour-a-day kinda guy. I love the grind. When I am not working, you would still find me working! ;)

On the personal front, I am extremely unsocial. Nature-obsessed, I am a nephophile who can stare at clouds for hours. A BIG Harry Potter geek; into WWE.

When it mattered the most, I did manage to score well. But I’ve always been a poor student. After high school, I never really cared about formal studies. So, gave zero f$cks about college.

After a couple of years of being enrolled, the college-thing was happily done and dusted. I got busy in my work and side hustle – I got busy learning and doing things that I genuinely enjoyed and continue to enjoy.

Over the years, taking time away from my day job, I started several projects – including a couple of news platforms, an Upworthy-like site, a cryptocurrency blog.

They all helped me gain experience and brought me closer to content marketing and SEO in specific.

I have plenty of things planned ahead – and I am quite patient about them. The current plan is to focus entirely on Spell Out Marketing, and maybe try a few other things.

I also daily blog on Medium. Been at it for more than a year now. If you’re on Medium, check out my posts here and follow: ThatNameAsif on Medium

To sum up...

I am in digital marketing – but I am not an expert.

I write on personal development – but I am not a life coach.

I own a smartphone – but I am not a photographer.

I was born on earth – but I am not a traveler.

I love reading – but I am not a bibliophile.

I want to get ahead – but I don’t want to pull others back.

I am not a social person – but I’d latch on to you if you love Harry Potter.

I love Seinfeld – but I don’t hate Friends.

I am super competitive – but I’d always want you to win too.

I talk on positivity – but I struggle with negative thoughts.

I obsessively love working – but, well, still, I obsessively love working.

It has been an incredible 5 years…

Passing out of high school, which was no less than torture. Trying a few things online. Getting good at blogging. Getting a decent job. Dropping out of college. Finally being done with formal education. Getting deep into digital marketing. Countless struggles on the personal front. Starting (and ending) a few projects. Meeting new people. Losing old people. Finding and falling in love with my niche. Losing self in the what’s, how’s and why’s. Finding some difficult answers. So many things happened.

Here’s to another 5 exciting years ahead that would be much, much better.

To know more about me, check out my Medium posts. I write daily there. You will get a better sense of who I am.

I am on Twitter: ThatNameAsif on Twitter

If you want to reach out, you can even email me at asif(at)

This story continues to rise and soar high. Hope yours does too. Whatever you’re trying to do in life, I genuinely wish you achieve all and find true happiness! :)
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