Become a Blogger: Here's Everything You'll Need

become a bloggerThis page includes all the necessary resources you’re going to require to become a blogger… right FROM how to start a blog and make money online TO how to re-start after abandoning your blog for months.

This is your one-stop destination to learn everything about blogging. (So, you can bookmark it and refer the resources from time-to-time.)

Beauty, travel, real estate, cricket, DIY, video game, lifestyle, food or anything else – irrespective of your blogging niches or interest, these articles assure to cover all your distinct needs. They are detailed in scope to address all your questions and confusions.

I’ve worked very hard in creating and compiling these resources together. Hope you find them helpful in your journey to become a blogger and make money online.

Look for the Signs

Who can become a blogger? That’s a wrong question. Everyone can become one. The right question is “should I become a blogger”. Because while it may look easy, the task-at-hand is challenging and it demands a lot of work.

What if blogging is not for you? Look for the signs before taking the first step.

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Finding the Right Topic

If you know what you’re passionate about, picking a blogging niche isn’t difficult. But sadly many people aren’t fully aware of their passion and interest. This is why finding a good blogging topic becomes challenging.

This is a rather quick read that includes some tricks to find a blogging topic that helps you make money online.

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Getting Your Hands Dirty

If you have been thinking about becoming a blogger for very long, you have likely Googled “how to start a blog” numerous times. The process is much more than just buying a domain and web host. There are a lot of small parts that need to be taken care of.

This is a very comprehensive “how to start a blog in 2020” guide that will take you through every early step thoroughly.

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Doing it Part-Time

Many people start as a part-time blogger. They work at their desk-job in the morning and afternoon. They then work on their blog in the remaining hours of the day. This is not easy. It’s stressful! Managing time properly becomes essential.

In this post, I talk about practical ways how part-time bloggers with full-time jobs can be more productive.

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More Content, More Content

The quantity of the content is now just as important as quality. More content will bring you more opportunities to grow and make money online. But, of course, creating more content is far from easy.

In this guide I highlight 23 tips that will help you scale your content production. You will learn how to create content fast.

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Caring About Search Engines

Publishing more blog posts is pointless if you’re not optimizing them for search engines to draw more organic traffic. When creating content, you must care about what the likes of Google and Bing want – and what kind of content they rank higher.

This is a comprehensive SEO Writing guide to create content that search engines reward.

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Fixing the Little Things

There are a few SEO steps that should be at the top of your mind all the time. These steps are key to make your blog posts SEO-friendly and increase organic traffic.

In this quick-read post, I cover 9 simple tips to ‘fix’ the little things and improve the SEO prowess of your blog posts:

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After Publishing

Don’t log-off after publishing your blog post. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be taken care of. Remember, content creation is only a small part of blogging. You need to market the content so as to maximize the returns.

In this post I talk about a few things you must do immediately after publishing your blog.

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Growing Your Blog Traffic

‘How to start a blog’ is only one piece of the puzzle. The bigger one, and perhaps the most important piece, is how to increase blog traffic. If you want to become a popular blogger who’s making the desired amount of money online, you need more traffic.

Admittedly, getting more blog visitors is not easy. In this guide, I cover everything from SEO to social media marketing to email marketing, which will help you grow your blog traffic.

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Going After the Money

Once you start seeing your blog traffic increase, you can then go on to make money from your blog. There are many ways to monetize a blog – it depends on your niche, model and overall blogging strategy.

In this post, I list 21 ways to make money from your blog. Go through it and pick ones that better suit you. Preferably, you want to have multiple sources of income.

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Staying Efficient and Productive

As a blogger, you will have to wear multiple hats and take care of various departments all by yourself. This requires you to be more efficient and productive. You must manage your time better to achieve more.

In this post, I discuss how bloggers waste their time in small and irrelevant things, and how you can be more productive.

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Using the Right Tools

There’s no easy way to become a blogger. But things certainly get a little simpler if you’re tapping on the right tools. Thankfully, there are many popular blogging tools for beginners and pros. Some are free, others are cheap. And if you have the money, the premium ones are the way to go.

In this post, I have complied a list of best blogging tools. A lot of them are really helpful in day-to-day work.

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Additional Reads:

There are various other aspects to understand and take care of on your journey to become a better blogger. I have published some more blog posts that cover these “aspects”. If you have the time right now, give them a read. If not, bookmark this page for later reference.

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Ignored Your Blog for Months? 19 Tips to Restart the Right Way

68 Blogging Tips for Beginners And Pros (2020 Updated)

There’s a lot to read, understand, and implement here. It is one of the investments you must make if you want to become a blogger in 2020. So, again, I’d recommend bookmarking this page for future reference and binge-reading.

Blogging Essentials

In addition, here are a few blogging essentials you’re going to require throughout different stages of your journey – whether you are about to start a blog or are already a successful blogger.


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Link Building Advice To A Blogger: How Do I Get Backlinks?

"My Blog Traffic is Not Increasing" – Here’s What To Do

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