Attention Will Replace Money Online (If It Hasn't Already) #1

Attention is the new currency

Here's the truth about "free value"...

It is “free” because you're not that brand's consumer.

When you consume free resources and you believe that they are, in fact, free: You're wrong.

You're paying in attention.

And attention is the new currency.

The theory is simple: I don't need you to pay me in money. I need you to pay me in attention. Because I already have sponsors, partners, or a viable business model that would reward me for having your attention.

It's like I am selling them your attention.

So, although my entire business is focused on you, you're not my consumer. I am just focusing on you so that I can win your attention and then trade aka sell that attention for money from my real consumers (sponsors, partners, others).

This is where attention optimization becomes important for consumers.

Attention Optimization to Maximize Rewards

Imagine if you're going to a store with X amount of money. If you're a rational consumer like the majority, your biggest goal would be to use this X money in the best way possible so that your ROI is optimum.

Similarly, when attention is the currency, the most important intent should be how you can optimally invest your attention so that your ROI is the highest.

Makes sense?

So, whenever you see someone offering "free value", don't get psyched. Because “free value” is going to become more and more prevalent in the coming days. Brands/businesses cannot commoditize information; not for long. You cannot sell that scrapped, vanilla information; it should ideally be free.

Now, how do you optimally use attention, your new currency?

Would you hear/watch someone talk non-sense?

Or would find someone who's a step better?

Use your currency well. Or else you'll go broke; meaning, you'll end up wasting a lot of time without seeing the desired productivity and growth.
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