Quick, answer few questions first:
  • Do you want more traffic to your website?
  • Are you struggling to get readers to your blog?
  • Having problems writing a resourceful and engaging (and marketable) blog post?
  • Is nobody subscribing to your email newsletters?
  • Do you want to make money from your blog?
If you answered these with a “Yes” to all the questions, you’re at the right stop! Spell Out Marketing is the solution you’ve been looking for.

The Simple Idea Isn’t Simple Anymore

While it all started with “it’s quite easy”, no more is that simple idea simple anymore. The basic model of profitable blogging/online business was:
  • Make a website
  • Market a website
  • Monetize a website
Sadly, with competition surging high with every passing day – and people’s attention span diminishing – no more is the model “simple”. Not at least if you’re trying to create a big and sustainable business.

Selecting the right topic, blogging the right way, ranking high for competitive keywords, finding multiple revenue models— a lot of challenges have afflicted what once was a beautiful oh-so-easy path.

And this, from one aspect, is a good thing. Was it that easy, everyone would be blogging for money, won’t they?

What is Spell Out Marketing?

It is a marketing blog—a blogger-centric marketing blog, from one blogger to another. Before plunging into a whirlwind of cynical thoughts “…great, yet another marketing blog!!!” Spell Out Marketing has its own USPs. And if you’ve seen the posts around here, you’re likely very familiar with this fact.

The blog covers a range of topics, including content marketing, SEO, email marketing and blogging. Practical, data-driven, and resourceful (a little opinionated) posts—all ensuring to help you drive more traffic to your website, engage the audience and generate higher revenue.

What Kind of Posts Will You Find Here?

Short Answer: Any and every type of post that will make blogging easier, fun and more rewarding.

Long Answer: You will find a wide range of topics on Spell Out Marketing.  With a focus on how to increase website traffic, you will read about various aspects of creating an online business, blogging, entrepreneurship and laptop lifestyle. To give you the basic idea, you will find:
  • Practical tips to generate higher website traffic
  • Basic and advanced SEO and content marketing techniques
  • Long-form guides to help you market your digital product or service, step-by-step
  • FAQs and Answers on inbound marketing (Lots of it!)
  • Smart approaches to make money online from your blog
  • How-tos and Listicles on being a good blogger
  • Resources to grow and sustain an online business the right way

Why Should You Stick Around Spell Out Marketing?

Because you want more traffic to your website/blog (duh!!)

The Guy Behind Spell Out Marketing B)

Hi, I am Asif— founder of Spell Out Marketing. I am a certified content marketer with 3 years’ experience, currently working in a digital marketing firm. This blog came into being – after years of planning, wishing, procrastinating, learning and experiencing (literally) – to help fellow bloggers and aspiring webpreneurs inch a little closer to their dreams.

I am a straightedge ambivert pacifist, in love with clouds and ‘everything nature’. Also, a proud college dropout, know more about me HERE.

Note: I am not any “marketing expert”. Spell Out Marketing is just an extension of a long learning curve with a simple mantra— You do, I learn; I do, you learn.

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On-page and off-page SEO techniques and stratgeies to champion search engines.

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Learn how to use contents to generate traffic and business.


Bring out the (super) blogger inside you that engages audience and generates revenue.

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Build a list of subscribers-cum-fan that adds sustainability to your business

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