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Let’s not beat around it...

You’re blogging because you want to make money.

So, naturally, a very common and foremost question you would have is...

How long does it take to make money online?

The answer depends on a host of factors.
  • Your niche/industry and the competition level

  • Your revenue model

  • Your search engine marketing strategy

  • Your social media following

  • Your mailing list

  • Your blogging strategy
And much more…

How you can make money from blogging and how much money you can make from your blog?

The Success Stories — And The Not-So-Successful Ones

There are bloggers who have displayed incredible growth, managing to earn hundreds of thousands of $$$ in just a few months.

And then there are those who, even after years, are stuck with the marginal and negligent returns.

Assuming that both groups want to earn money from blogging, the difference between their stories is their overall approach — and the stacked-up calculation.

Understanding The Calculation

To understand the calculation of how much money you can make from your blog in 6 months, a lot depends on your revenue model.

What's your revenue model?

Are you going to earn by...
  • Displaying PPC ads (like Adwords)

  • Selling your own products

  • Offering consultancy service

  • Selling affiliate products

  • Having subscription-based solutions (like a membership site)
Of course, there are plenty more ways to make money from blogging.

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Let’s assume you’re getting 1,000 visitors every day.

Click-Through Rate or CTR is 1 percent.

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is 0.25.

In this case, your per day income from PPC ads would be $2.5 (1 percent of 1000 x $0.25).

This means you will make approximately $450 in 6 months.

With 1,000 daily visitors as a part of our example, let's look at other revenue models and how much you can earn:

★ You're selling your own product (like eBook) that's priced at $7.

If you manage to sell at least one unit per day, you would make approx. $1,260 in 6 months.

★ You’re offering consultancy service.

You charge $30/hour/client. If you find at least 1 client to consult every day, you will make approximately $5,400 in 6 months.

★ You’re promoting 2 affiliate links that are offering 20% per sale on products costing $100.

If you make 2 sales every day, you will make approximately $7,200 in 6 months.

★ You have a membership site that has a recurring subscription of $5/month/person.

In this case, one customer is worth $30 if they stay with you for 6 consecutive months.

So if you manage to add 10 subscribers every day for the first 30 days, you would make approximately $9,000 in 6 months.

Now, here are some caveats...

You won't make money from your blog since day #1.

It will take you time to establish the blog and generate consistent traffic before you can even attempt to welcome monetary rewards.

Some bloggers can do this in 4 weeks, others can take months – way past the target of 6 months here.

The numbers I mentioned above are just to put a simple calculation forward.

If you get 1,000 visitors, even then converting 10 people to join your membership program is not easy. And even those who join, they might not stay subscribed for 6 months.

So, these numbers are nearly-unrealistic and shouldn't be taken at face value.

For any blogger, it's a common practice to have more than one source of income from their blog. And this is also recommended.

You shouldn't rely alone on one avenue.

So, at any given time, you can have display ads on your blog, as well as sell affiliate products and your own eBook(s). This can significantly increase your revenue.

The above examples consider only 5 revenue models. As mentioned, there are many more.

In addition, it's also important to consider that just because one blogger is making more money in a particular way, it doesn't mean it will work for you as well.

Even when you are looking at individual options of making money from blogging, each of those options has its own unique dynamics.

For instance, not all display ads would be PPC. It could have the cost-per-mile (CPM) model as well.

Your products, depending on the type, could be priced cheap or expensive.

The affiliate commission can greatly vary between different products.

So, you must factor all these dynamics.

Last but not the least, you must also not overlook the expenses.

The expenses/fees/charges of the domain name, hosting, payment gateway, email solution provider, shopping cart solution, and more.

These expenses can diminish your profit.

The point of this blog post "how much money can you make in 6 months from blogging" is simple...

There are no definite answers.

Meaning, when you see a blogger who hasn't made a penny in 6 months, don't lose hope and drop your idea of starting a new blog.

Similarly, when you read the stories of successful bloggers who consistently make big $$$$, don't let that create a misconception for you. You might not repeat those same stories.

As a parting thought, remember...

Your blogging income is only as high as your blog traffic and revenue model.

Good luck!


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This is a quick read. For more time-saving articles on Spell Out Marketing, please go here
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