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Can I learn SEO on my own?


Can anyone learn SEO?


In fact, even if you’re not necessarily looking to become a professional (and make money off it), you should still learn about Search Engine Optimization… at least the basics.

This is true for bloggers, website owners and any kind of online content creator.

Fortunately, you can learn SEO at home, on your own, for free.

learn seo at home quickly and for free and become an seo expert

7 Steps To Learn SEO Easily

1. Learn the very basics

There are seamless resources available online.

Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide is likely the most thorough and reliable resource out there.

2. Read (And Learn) Some More

Here are a few of the blogs/websites that you should bookmark and regularly check to learn SEO:

3. People to follow on Social Media

Here are some of the renowned industry names you should follow on social media to keep your feeds SEO-rich:

learn seo at home quickly and for free and become an seo expert

4. Watch YouTube

If you’re bored of too much reading, just YouTube!

Search for “SEO” or use some other, more definite queries, you’ll have a list of videos in front you. Spend time watching them.

5. Take notes

If SEO is relatively new to you, taking notes will be immensely helpful.

Have a notebook and jot down all the new things you’re learning while reading articles and watching videos.

In a few months, you will have your own personal SEO book, treasuring all the things you know and understand.

6. Enroll on SEMrush Academy

SEMrush has a wide range of courses on SEO, from Fundamentals to Technical SEO.

Enroll yourself in courses that best fit your needs and preference.

learn seo at home quickly and for free and become an seo expert

They are free. And if you pass the exam, you will also get certification for that, which you can add to your résumé.

Check out SEMrush Academy here.

7. Do Not Pay For SEO Courses

I repeat, do not pay for SEO courses.

(Unless you’re extremely sure that you’re going to get something exclusive and very valuable in return.)

Almost all the information about SEO is available online FOR FREE. You don’t really need to pay for any course.

You won’t see too many SEO experts becoming an “expert” after paying for some course. They have all self-learned.

Have Patience (And Do It Yourself)

It won’t happen in a couple of weeks or months. IT WILL TAKE TIME.

So, have patience.

Read. Watch. Learn. Be dedicated.

At the same time, don’t just stay hung to the theories and be an outsider. Get in the game.

Start a blog. Create SEO-friendly contents. Do keywords research. Optimize Meta tags.

Build links (internal and external). Create XML sitemap. Use canonical tags. Optimize images. Fix errors. Implement schema.

Do all that you’re learning on your own blog.

Remember, the key to learn SEO easily is execution.

Practice. Practice. And Practice. It will progress your journey from being a beginner to a professional.

Some Quick Tips to Learn SEO at Home

  • You can’t learn SEO in one day, 7 days or 21 days.

  • As you go deeper into the topic, you will find many new things. Don’t get overwhelmed. Give yourself some time.

  • Check out the Google Analytics Academy. Complete Analytics courses. Knowing how to read, understand, and work around the data will be very important once you’re past the beginner's stage.

  • Don’t call yourself “SEO expert” just yet and start charging money from clients. As mentioned, your proficiency depends on practice. So, practice. Don’t shy away from working for clients for free in the initial stages.

  • Don’t pay for SEO courses.

learn seo at home quickly and for free and become an seo expert

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This is a 2-minute read. For more time-saving articles, please go here.
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