It’s no secret that I am not a big fan of Google Keyword Planner. Not only is the platform a tad confusing and very time-consuming to use, it’s getting difficult by the day to use it if you aren’t a paid customer.

This is why I wrote this mini-guide on How To Do Keywords Research For Free in 11 Minutes without using AdWords Keyword Tool.

Ubersuggest Neil Patel Free Keyword Research Tool For Quick SEO has always been my go-to, followed by LSI Graph to generate LSI keywords. However, a few days back I received this in an email from Neil Patel…

A Quick Backstory…

Last year in February 2017, Neil Patel acquired A part of the marketing community wasn’t exactly thrilled with the development.

Many believed what is one of the best free keyword research tools would eventually turn premium, becoming Neil’s money-making machine.

However, now exactly after a year, Ubersuggest is officially live on ‘NeilPatel(dot)com’ and promises to be an ultimate AdWords keyword planner alternative.

(And yes, it’s still absolutely free with plenty more features!)

A Go-To Free Keyword Research Tool That Makes SEO Quick

The first impression of this revamped Ubersuggest Neil Patel owns is incredible.

With a quick and clean interface, the tool packs good features and rich data. At times, in fact, it feels like we’re getting too much for free.

But then this ‘free culture’ bodes well with Neil who apparently gives guides worth $30,000 for free. (Source)

The keyword suggestions Ubersuggest offer are taken directly from Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest. 

You can generate 100s of country-specific keywords under 5 different niches: Web, Image, Shopping, YouTube, and News. (Although I am not completely sure what this “News” option is!)

There is an option to filter your results. Input any specific word and the original list of results will be sorted to offer you only those keywords that have the specific word you mentioned in this box.

There’s negative keyword option to exclude phrases you don’t want to appear in your keywords suggestion.

The results come up with search volume, CPC and competition level. You can check the search volume for each keyword monthly-wise.

Also, you can export all or selected result to excel, which makes things pretty convenient.

How To Use Ubersuggest?

It’s quite basic.

Go to Ubersuggest. And put in your seed keyword.

You’ll get a set of results.

On the left-hand side options, filter the result or exclude the desired words from the list.

In the end, there’s an option to either to select all keywords and copy them or have them export in CSV file. 

That’s it!

I haven’t yet encountered any single problem or inconvenience using Ubersuggest except when selecting the country/language in the lookup section.

I wish it was intuitive. Or at least have a search bar in the drop-down. Scrolling and finding the right option takes some time. But hey, I am not complaining.

At large, Ubersuggest seems like the best free keyword research tool that makes SEO super quick and time-effective.

But that’s not all. While one’s getting a lot for free with this tool already, Neil says a lot more is on its way…

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