There aren’t exactly many specific tools billed for “content marketing” per se.

But there are diverse marketing products out there, serving different purposes that you can use in various stages of your content strategy.

If you’re taking up content marketing seriously (there’s no reason not to), you need the right tools by your side for effective planning and execution.

list of content marketing tools free for bloggers

Without any delay, here’s a quick FREE content marketing tools list that every blogger must use:

1. BuzzzSumo

It helps you find out the most popular article on a website or on a particular topic.

2. MindMup

It helps you map your ideas for the article. With a clear roadmap, you can write much quickly and clearly.

3. Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator

Type in your keywords and the tool will come up with a list of blog post ideas.

4. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

A much cooler version of blog topic generator that offers great ideas and greater headlines.

5. Hemingway Editor

Nobody likes reading irregular content with poor grammar and never-ending lines. This app ensures your content is of high quality.

6. Grammarly

If you’re weak in grammar, this tool is all you need. It also has plugins for your Browser and Microsoft Word.


Create beautiful infographics quickly with many ready-to-use templates made available for you.

8. Hootsuite

A go-to social media marketing tool to publish and schedule social media posts very easily.

9. Canva

A super graphic design tool with seamless templates to edit images for social media, blogs, and more.

10. Pixlr

Make and edit images like professionals do. Pixlr is a super-powerful picture editing tool.

11. Biteable

A very simple video and animation maker to make quick and interactive video contents.

12. Powtoon

Looking to make an animated presentation video? This tool could be your ultimate choice for its user-friendly interface and rich ready-to-use graphics.

13. SEMRush

Find out what your competitors are up to and then make your content marketing strategy accordingly.

14. Google Doc

Work on various devices without the worry of saving and carrying your document. Google Doc saves your write-up in the cloud. The tool also facilitates collaboration with other writers.

15. Google Analytics

Check which blog posts are popular and which aren’t. Then create contents accordingly to maximize the result.

16. MailChimp

A favorite email marketing solution, the tool also provides free email automation and drip campaigns.

17. Creative Common Search

It helps you find copyright free images, articles and videos that you are free to use for commercial purposes.

Of course, there are plenty more content marketing tools available that are equally good. But these are the FREE ones that I use regularly.

And I think, unless you’re ready to shell out some serious money on premium solutions, these tools are more than sufficient to make your content marketing strategy successful.

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Is there any other FREE tool that you use for content marketing?

Asif Ali

Asif is a certified content marketer and professional full-stack writer with 3 years experience in his pockets. Stratightedge, blogger and a full-time cloud-lover, find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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