Google is rich. It isn’t very charitable. No wonder, the company is very selective in approving AdSense applications, and so many publishers get rejected.

If you’re planning to put up an advertisement on your blog, it is important that you tread water carefully. Because the application process is not going to be an easy ride.

AdSense Application Rejected
While there aren’t “official” AdSense approval requirements (and neither there exists any secret or hack), there are few do and don’ts that applicants are advised to follow.

Coming straight to the point, here are 9 simple reasons why you will have your AdSense application rejected:

1. There isn’t Sufficient Content

You need at least 15 good quality articles. But play safe. Have anywhere between 25 to 30 articles for a higher chance of acceptance.

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2. The Contents Reek “Spam, spam, spam”

There are too many banners, backlinks to third-parties, irrelevant and poor quality contents, hidden texts, text ads, and keyword stuffing.

To counter this problem, just look at the top competitors in your niche and model your blog around what they have done.

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3. Missing “Unnecessary” Webpages

Privacy Policy, Terms, and Conditions—these may seem unnecessary webpages, but they are important to Google.

It is advised you create unique contents for privacy policy and T&C. But if you can’t or are short on time, here are free Privacy Policy Generator and Terms and Condition Generator.

Tip: Make small changes in the generated policies and terms to avoid duplicate content. Or simply use the canonical tag.

Also, have a good About and Contact page.

4. The Domain is Newly Registered

If a domain name is recently registered, Google might not approve it. Because, obviously, the PageRank and Authority of that domain would be poor. This is a sign of “bad quality”.

Have a top-level domain name—preferably .com. And ensure it is 6 months old. These will improve your chances of not getting your AdSense application rejected.

Google is even more unforgiving, in this department, to publishers from Asian countries. If you’re from India, China, and Pakistan, it is best you wait till your domain is 6-8 months old with adequate contents and good traffic.

5. Your Blog’s Niche/Topic Isn’t What Google Wants

There’s a list of topics that are prohibited from the AdSense program. So there’s a very (very) big chance of your application getting disapproved every time if you run a blog in these niches.

Contents Prohibited From AdSense
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6. There are other ad networks

You cannot display ad of any other network on your blog when you’re going for AdSense. While Google’s policies don’t concretely say this, it has been noticed that in such instances the application approval rate is very low.

7. You’re Getting Traffic through Shady Means

Paid traffic and traffic inflated by bots—Google hates these.

8. The design is non-user-friendly

It’s non-responsive on handheld devices. The website loading speed is poor. There isn’t a proper navigation to browse the website easily.

The texts are too small, or too big. There are many popups. The HTML and CSS are structured poorly.

Identify what is that one factor that might reduce Users’ Experience and the fix it.

Here are 2 tools from Google: Website Speed Test and Mobile-Friendly Test.

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9. AdSense Doesn’t Support That Language

If your website content is in any different language than these, Google won’t accept it…

Lanuguages That Google Adsense Doesn't Support
Treat this list as your quick AdSense application checklist. See where the problem lies, fix them and then go ahead.

If you tick all the points, there would be a good chance of getting your Google AdSense approved. Here’s AdSense Application Form. Good luck.

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