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Here’s a quick fact:

From 2015 to 2016, marketers used visual content 130 percent more in their articles.(Source)

Of course, they did that because they were seeing good results!

And, most importantly, they understood that content marketing is just as much about visuals as it is about the text.

Now the most common question that comes then is….

How many images should I include in my articles?

Sadly, there’s no one-fit-for-all answer.

How many images to use in a blog post?

A Vague (But Correct) Answer

As many as it is required!

The basic idea behind using images is that it must add value to your written words and make your post more interesting and memorable.

So, you can use any many images as it’s needed.

Now note:
  • Maintain a good interval between the images so as to avoid congestion and crowd (unless the article is entirely based on images)

  • Be perceptive of the page speed as well. More images would increase loading time.
You must use images when they are necessary. But what about...

Using Images Unnecessarily

What if there’s no need to include a picture in your article? Should you keep it entirely text-based?

Likely not.

Depending on the size of the post, it’s usually a good practice to include multiple pics in your post even when it doesn’t seem necessary.


Visual elements give readers the time to take a break from the large text blocks; it keeps them hooked and relaxed.

Including meaningful and beautiful images in your post also makes the write-up interesting, less boring, and more eye-catchy.

Plus, images in the blog posts also have plenty of SEO benefits.

So, even when there's no need to include any image in the post, it's still a good practice to include a few.

Now, if you don’t see any legit way/room of plugging in an image in the post, a simple idea is to pick a few phrases and sentences from the content itself and create it a text-based image.

Like I am doing here...

How many images to use in a blog post?

A More Definite Answer

But, if you’re looking for a definite answer to how many images you should use throughout the article, you should go for ONE image per 150-200 words. Even Neil Patel agrees…

using-images-in-blog, image-frequency

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This is a 2-minute read. For more time-saving posts on Spell Out Marketing, please go here.
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