What’s better Blogger or Wordpress? Should I use Blogger or Wordpress? Is Blogger or Wordpress more popular? Is Blogger or Wordpress easier to use? Which one is right Blogger vs Wordpress for making money?

These are some of the most common questions that people just starting on their blogging journey ask.

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While the internet is filled with pretty convincing answers, the majority of them are quite biased towards Wordpress.

(Note: I am talking about both free as well as self-hosted Wordpress—wordpress.com and wordpress.org.)

The general consensus is that Blogger or Blogspot is ideal for casual blogging, while Wordpress is more for the professionals.

And you will often be advised to start with Blogger and then migrate to Wordpress as your blog grows or as you grow serious about taking blogging as your full-time profession.

Admittedly, self-hosted Wordpress is quite powerful. And some of the world’s leading blogging professionals use it.

However, that doesn’t diffuse the incredibility that Blogger/Blogspot brings. Blogger packs some very cool features and has unique dimensions that make it even a better choice over other platforms.

Yes, this is not particularly a very popular opinion. But hear me out…

Here are 7 Reasons why Blogger is better than Wordpress:

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1. It Is Backed by Google

Blogger is owned by Google. It carries unmatched goodwill, credibility and reaches—too much even for good people at Wordpress.

Given Google’s stance on innovation, quality and users’ experience, one can easily trust its products to be the best in the segment.

Aren’t we all using more than one Google products every day without even questioning its quality?


Point is, we can trust Google. Not that with Wordpress we can’t. Just, we can trust Google more!

blogger-vs-wordpress, blogging, use-blogger-or-wordpress


Yes, owning a blog is completely free with Blogger. This isn’t the case with Wordpress.org, where you have to spend on the domain name and web hosting.

And the best part?

If YourDomainName(dot)Blogspot(dot)com doesn’t suit you, you can easily purchase a domain name (from any provider) and link it to your blog.

Wordpress(dot)com does offer this facility. But it forces you to purchase your domain from a provider of its choice. And their domain names are often priced premium.

It’s free—and this is possibly the biggest reason why Blogger or Blogspot popularity among the new bloggers is sky-high.

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3. It Is User-Friendly (Even For A Beginner)

If you can read, you can use Blogger. Yes, it’s that simple. No hassle of installing any software, no hassle of making any additional account.

You can start a blog on Blogger with your existing Google account in less than a minute. You can create 100 different blogs with one single account.

The interface is clean and simple. It’s well categorized.

Plus you will find countless help articles if ever you get stuck. The blogger forum community is quite large, resourceful and very active. So more help for you!

Are these not what a blogger needs? Less of all the confusion and technical aspect—and more time for the write-ups and products!

4. Easy Integration With Other Services

Guess what Wordpress users do?

They use Google analytics. They use Google Search Console. They use Gmail. They use Google Spreadsheet. They use Google Drive. They use Google font. They use Google AdSense. Phew…

And for these – and more (maps, reviews) – they have to install countless plugins.

In fact, ‘how to integrate Wordpress with Google services’ is one very talked about topic.

Fortunately, most of these Google services/products are already integrated with Blogger. Others you can sync with few simple clicks.

Is that not so amazingly simple?

5. No Limitation On Number of Visitors

Even the expensive hosting plans come with space and bandwidth limitations. Those “unlimited” are never really unlimited.

When the number of your daily blog visitors crosses a threshold level, you will have to then upgrade to premium plans. If not, a high load on the server will result in downtime.

In a way, your success is also a curse, bringing more expense.

This isn’t the case with Blogger though. You can have thousands of thousands of daily visitors on your blog without experiencing any downtime. All this for FREE!

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6. Completely Secure

It’s no secret that Google employs the most advanced infrastructure and best security practices.

So, Blogger is much secured as opposed to Wordpress, which can easily be hacked and exploited through its database.

So even when you hear of countless cyber-attacks, you can rest assured that your Blogger blog is completely safe (as long as you have the login details safe).

7. You’ll grow as a blogger

While Plugins are your savior on Wordpress, Blogger is DIY on many ends. To make changes in your theme or add more functionality to your blog, you might have to get your hands dirty with the coding.

And this isn’t bad!

Personally, I learned A LOT about HTML and CSS like these over the course of 4 years. (Still struggling with JavaScript though!)

All the Do-It-Yourself, troubleshooting articles, and forums helped me a lot. (Yes, it was frustrating at times.)

Indeed so people may call this hassle, time-consuming and unworthy. I call it personal development.

I can now easily edit my blog design with no help; can design simple blogger templates; can stay calm when there’s any backend problem.

At large, the DIY steps, inconvenient to many, was a learning curve for me that helped me grow as a blogger. This wouldn’t exactly have been possible if I were using Wordpress where for every problem there’s a plugin.

blogger-vs-wordpress, blogging, use-blogger-or-wordpress


8. Free SSL Certificate For Custom Domains

HTTPS is good for your SEO. Plus, in the coming weeks, Google will more intensively prompt users that a website they are visiting is without the encrypted connection and hence, is less secure.

Meaning, having an SSL certificate for your domain is quite important today.

The likes of GoDaddy offers this security certificate at about $60 per year. While this amount isn’t too much in any way, it’s still an expense hey!

Thankfully, if you’re using Blogger, you’re spared from this cost. Blogger has started offering a FREE SSL certificate for all the custom domains. As for Wordpress users, well, you’ll have to pay for it!


There are plenty more reasons why Blogger is better than Wordpress. Editing template is much easier, maximum uptime is guaranteed, back up option is simple, and server loads much faster.

Still need more reasons?

In many ways, it is Blogger/Blogspot that brought blogging into the mainstream. Its simple platform made it easy for everyone to step into this game with no additional cost and technical skills.

From colorful templates/themes to widgets—it is Blogger that championed them.

Not that these give any prerogative to this blogging platform. However, when doing a Blogger vs Wordpress comparison chart, dismissing it entirely because of an existing notion is completely outrageous.

Wordpress is a great (great) platform.

Blogger is just better. Why do you think this blog is powered by Blogger? ;)

So if you’re planning to launch a new blog, Blogger is a perfect and cost-effective choice. Go for it!

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