Content Marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more website traffic than non-leaders. (Source)

The number above alone is sufficient for anyone to get (very) serious about planning a content marketing strategy.

So, to get them started...

Here are 15 steps to develop a killer content marketing strategy that attracts, engages and converts the visitors:

Plan a content marketing strategy

1. Publish Evergreen contents

Search Engines prefer long-form content. The average word count of results on Google’s first page is 1,890.

So, it is usually recommended to touch 2,000 words count mark!

Also, stash the content with timeless information that’s just as relevant at least months from now, if not years.

Evergreen or pillar content brings more value to the table... for consumers, as well as you.

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2. Come up with multiple headlines

Yes, write 7-10 outstanding headlines/titles of your every post. You’re going to need them on various platforms.

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3. Repurpose the old contents

Update the old content with new information every once in a while. Make it more resourceful.

Change the titles and Meta descriptions every time you revamp old content with more relevant and high-quality keywords.

4. Add a definite and effective CTA in every post

Every content you produce must have objectives. They must help you inch closer to the bigger goal.

So know why you are creating and publishing this content.

To gain subscribers? To push your eBook for more downloads? To sell your course? To set the ground for your next “big post”?

5. Create infographics

The demand for infographics has increased by 800% in the past year. (Source)

Read Jeff Bullas’ list of 20 infographics creating tools here.

6. Push emails regularly

Every $1 spent on email, it gives back a whopping $38 in ROI. (Source)

Besides, for bloggers, email marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies.

yaro-starak-quote, planning-a-content-marketing-strategy
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7. Do a competitive analysis

Know about the content marketing strategy of your “top competitors”.

And try to beat them in their own game with better planning and efficient actions.

8. Use long-tail keywords

Content Marketing SEO go hand-in-hand.

Do intensive keywords research. Don't depend on generic terms. Settle on relevant long-tail keywords.

planning-a-content-marketing-strategy, long-tail-keywords-seo

9. Convert blog posts into videos

Write your post into a script. Get in front of the camera. Start speaking!

If you’re not comfortable being in the video, create whiteboard videos.

10. Notify subscribers about the new post

Inform your email subscribers about the latest posts automatically via RSS syndication.

11. Share on social media platforms multiple times

The many headlines you came up with in #2, time to use them!

Promote your content on social media platforms extensively. Use different titles and descriptions every time.

12. Compile posts into a featured eBook

You can add even more depth to this eBook with the latest information.

And then maybe put that up for sale? Or offer them for free in return for visitors’ emails.

13. Start guest blogging

Despite Google’s Matt Cutt obituary for guest blogging, it still remains very important.

When you guest blog, you get backlinks. If not, it at least adds to your brand's reach, improving its recognition and value.

14. Analyze your performance

Depending on your objective and strategy, the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) could be plenty for you here.

Identify the right ones and then improve.

planning-a-content-marketing-strategy, content-marketing-metrics
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15. Improve and optimize the result

Your content marketing strategy isn’t perfect.

Now you have your KPIs or important metrics in hand, it’s time to make some changes in your efforts and approach to improve and optimize the result.

These are 15 simple steps to create content marketing strategy that takes your blog to new heights.

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