Let’s not beat around the bush. We’re blogging because we want to make money. So naturally, one of the foremost questions that emerge is…

How long does it take to make money online?

The answer depends on a host of factors.
  • Your niche/industry and the competition level
  • Your revenue model 
  • Your search engine marketing strategy
  • Your social media following 
  • Your mailing list 
  • Your blogging strategy
And much more…

make-money-from-blogging, make-money-from-blog

The Success Stories—And The Not-So-Successful Ones

There are bloggers who have displayed tremendous growth and managed to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few months.

And then there are also those who, even after years, are stuck with the marginalized and negligent return.

The difference between their stories is their overall approach—and calculation.

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Understand The Calculation

But to understand the calculation, you must first sort your revenue model. Are you going to earn by-

● Displaying PPC ads (like Adwords)

● Selling your own products

● Offering consultancy service

● Affiliate Marketing

● Subscription-based services (like membership site)

Of course, there are plenty more ways to make money from blogging.
Let’s assume you’re getting 1,000 visitors every day. CTR is 1% and CPC is 0.25.

In that case, your per day income from ads would be $2.5 (1% of 1000 x $0.25).

This means you will make approximately $450 in 6 months.

Let’s see other revenue models (Assuming Daily visitors = 1000)

● Your product (like eBook) costs $7. If you manage to sell at least one unit per day, you would make approx. $1,260 in 6 months.

● You’re offering consultancy service. You charge $30/hour/client. If you find at least 1 client to consult every day, you will make approximately $5,400 in 6 months.

● You’re promoting 2 affiliate links that are offering 20% per sale on products costing $100. If you make 2 sales every day, you will make approximately $7,200 in 6 months.

● You have membership site offering a recurring subscription of $5/month/person. In that case, one customer would worth $30 if they stay with you for 6 consecutive months. So if you manage to add 10 subscribers every day for the first month, you would make approximately $9,000 in 6 months.

Note: These numbers are modest and very rough assumption. To that, you won’t be earning money right from the first day.

But the point is that your blogging income is only as high as your traffic and revenue model.

So be very careful when monetizing your blog.

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Asif Ali

Asif is a certified content marketer and professional blogger with 4+ years experience in his pockets. Straightedge, blogger and a full-time cloud-lover, find him on Twitter and Medium.

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