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Link building is a key SEO factor!

Although, I believe in the coming years, it is going to become less and less important. I even wrote on this: Backlinks are dead. I personally don't spend much time on link building. Of course, that doesn't mean you shouldn't either.

Generally, it is believed the more (quality) backlinks you have, the better it is for your search ranking.

But the challenge is — how do you get other websites to link back to your blog?

The challenge is even bigger for new blog owners. After all, why a top/good website would want to link to a new and unestablished blog?!

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Here are 5 ways to get backlinks for free for your blog:

1. Skyscraper Technique

It’s a technique by Backlink specialist Brian Dean. It includes 4 simple steps-
  • Find the most popular post in your niche

  • Write a post that’s even better than that with more insights

  • Create a list of all those people who have linked the original post (Step 1) on their websites

  • Send an email informing these people that you have written a better post that their target audience would find even more resourceful.
Many of them might link your content.

2. Blog Commenting

Comment on others’ blogs or forum and leave the link of your own posts.

Note: One, do this only where it makes sense else your link would be treated as spam. Second, make sure the comment system offers you dofollow links.

Here is a list of DoFollow commenting sites: Here and here

3. Link Exchange

There are countless other blogs/businesses who want backlinks as well.

Talk to them and mutually agree to have each other’s links on respective blogs.

Note: Only select a good and relevant website with high PageRank and Domain Authority.

4. Guest Blogging

Find blogs – relevant to your niche – who accept guest posts in return of backlinks. Pitch them your ideas. Once accepted, write for them.

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Or, check out this massive list of blogs that accept guest post curated by izideo. The list contains over 1500 quality blogs, cleanly sorted by industries.

5. Feature Niche Influencers

Find your industry’s influencers and feature them in your post. Take their interviews, review their products, more.

Inform them about this post via social media. Ask them to add the link on their website for their audience's reference; few of them would be happy to do that.

Tip: Pick a less popular influencer; they are more likely to notice and backlink you.

These are 5 of many ways to get organic backlinks. ACT!!

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This is a 2-minute read. For more time-saving articles, please go here.
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