Some of the high earning bloggers in India and around the world follow the same set of SEO tips and tricks. However, on the execution front, they do things slightly differently.

Meaning, not only do they know what needs to be done to rank higher on search engines but they also know how to do that.

(Example: They know backlinks are important—and they also know how to get those backlinks.)

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Here are the 5 best SEO secrets of high-earning bloggers:

1. They have bought backlinks from authority websites

Yes, most of them have “purchased” links from top authority websites.

The likes of Forbes and Entrepreneurs have contributors who are ready to offer you backlinks at a price.

seo-secrets-revealed, best-seo-secrets
Top Bloggers Buy Backlinks from Authority Websites
For more info, give this piece on Ahrefs a read.

2. They Prioritize ‘Bounce Rate’ and ‘Average Time spent on website’ high

These are 2 important SEO factors that are often overlooked by new bloggers.

When readers stay on your website and browse through the landing page to other pages, this increases their ‘session duration’.

And this suggests search engines that your website is relevant to the search terms visitors used in the first place. Meaning, your ranking improves.

seo-secrets-revealed, best-seo-secrets
Prioritize 'Bounce Rate' and 'Average Time Spent on Website'

3. The consistently produce long-form, pillar contents

Google loves in-depth contents. And so does other search engines.

The average Google first page result contains 1,890 words. Top bloggers consistently create long-form contents that also holds long-term value; meaning they are also evergreen.

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4. They spend a lot of time in keyword research

Keyword research process is a major part of SEO. And it’s much beyond than finding the most popular search terms.

Aside the search volume, a range of factors needs to be considered when researching keywords, including competition level, target audience, and lifetime value.

5. They regularly repurpose their old contents

Your website must be indexed regularly to be more visible on search engines.

To pull this, top bloggers always keep their website updated by repurposing the old contents. Because posting daily, of course, isn’t a feasible option.

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6. They own multiple websites for backlink and branding purpose

You will frequently see your favorite bloggers have more than one website. Some are quite open about their multiple presences, others keep this fact elusive.

This helps them with backlinks, as well as branding their own name and products/services.

Among many, these are 5 (+1) best SEO secrets of high-earning bloggers.

They know their shit—do you?

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Asif Ali

Asif is a certified content marketer and professional blogger with 4+ years experience in his pockets. Stratightedge, blogger and a full-time cloud-lover, find him on Twitter and Medium.

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