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The first step in launching a successful blogging career is to actually choose an interesting, long-term and profitable blog topic.

And coming up with one such blogging topic is confusing.

Very confusing!

You have to consider so many different factors to figure out the best blogging topic or niche that’s ideal for your preference, interest, and expectations.

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But let's make this slightly easier.

Here’s how to find a good blogging topic for yourself to start a successful blog, generate long-term revenue, and enjoy a location independent lifestyle:

(Just answer these questions)

1. What is that one thing you like TALKING about the most?

It could be sports, self-improvement, politics, economy, marketing, finance, fashion, beauty, food or anything else.

2. What is that one thing you love READING about the most?

The more you read, the better you get on that particular topic.

So, it is important that you pick a topic that you love reading and learning about.

3. What is that one area where you are better at than an average individual?

You’re well-informed on this topic. And with proactive learning, you're only getting better at it by the passing days.

When it comes to ideas, opinions, and overall information on this topic, you can out-talk the majority of people.

4. Who will be your target audience?

How well your knowledge and ideas trade in terms of money?

What is the pain point of your target audience? How big is this group? How much money are they ready to pay to get the solution for their problems?

Targeting affluent demography will definitely bring you higher returns.

5. How are going to make money online?

Be very sure how you’re going to monetize your knowledge; what solutions are you going to offer to make money and how you're going to offer those solutions.

Move forward only when you're sure you will be getting a definite return.

Check out this example on how to choose a profitable blogging topic:

blogging-topics-that-make-money, choosing-a-blogging-topic, best-blogging-topic

Most Popular Blogging Topics That Make Money

  • Make money online

  • Beauty and Fashion

  • Health and Fitness

  • Gaming

  • Personal Development

  • Personal Finance

  • Food and Cooking

  • Travel

  • Digital Marketing

  • Technology and Gadgets

  • Parenting

  • Music and Movie

  • Education and Career
So pick your topic carefully...

Avoid making hasty decisions – and make blogging your full-time profession.

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This is a 2-minute read. For more time-saving articles on Spell Out Marketing, please go here.
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